Alcro a 100-year history

A lot has happened since Alfort & Cronholm opened the paint and drug stores Norrlandsgatan in Stockholm in 1906. During the 1920s, overall Alcro their production to a factory in Ulvsunda outside Stockholm. (It lasted incidentally color production until 1995 when the entire production moved to the plant in Gröndal in central Stockholm for the 2007 move to Nykvarn near Södertälje.) From 1930 it becomes clear that Alcro look throughout Sweden as its market and to begin a nationwide cooperation with paint shops.

Alcro was a pioneer when it came to process the consumer market in Sweden. “Paint on Saturday” campaign started “do-it-yourself” market firmly in Sweden in the 50s and 60s. In the 60s did Alcro commercial for theaters with Martin Ljung who stated that “it is ugly not to paint.”
Alcro follow the spirit and take over 70s out the opportunities and needs at the time. “There are certain things to paint in a new house.”
In the 90s, the focus was on environmental issues. The embossed communication focusing largely on Alcro inter alia, launched the “Culture Colors”. But the ’90s was also the start of the great interior design trend. Alcro launched the blockbuster Wall glaze, the color which gave the opportunity for personal decoration. 2000s begin Alcro with another new idea – now presents “inspiration from the best.” Designers become the new “idols” for a crowd really interested in interior design consumers who need help with the color scheme and the first Alcro Designers Collection sees the light.