Friday, January 19, 2018

Alpina Farben GmbH


The foundation for the success of the brand Alpina was the invention of “Alpina White”, which represents the top product of Alpina today. It is named after Alpinaweiß the beauty of the Alps, because when the colors producer Dr. Robert Murjahn looked at the beginning of the last century in Lucerne, Switzerland on the gleaming white, snow-covered mountains, the sight inspired him to naming its newly developed paint. In 1909 he made “Alpinaweiß” registered as a trademark.

Today Alpina offers Alpinaweiß that counts by the white cat from the television advertising of the best known brands in Germany, and another white interior and specialty paints a complete range of colorful and creative colors, facade paints, varnishes, glazes and products for the mixing machine at the hardware store.Especially in the growing segment of colorful crayons Alpina is inspiring and surprising impulses repeatedly.

Discover in our chronicle the milestones of the Alpina company’s history, our path to becoming a sustainable company, numerous product innovations and recent awards.

2015 Alpina is “Sustainable Manufacturer”

Verbraucher-Initiative e.V. (Consumers Initiative e.V) distinguishes the DAC Group of companies with their brand Alpina as “Sustainable Manufacturer 2015” Gold Medal from. Thus, the initiative aims to facilitate the decision for sustainable designed and environmentally friendly products.

2014 Perfectly protected against mold

The Stiftung Warentest records the Alpina bath and kitchen color as best wall color in the test (result equal to six products). Test result Good (1.8) – the test of Stiftung Warentest Edition 1/2014

Relaunch Alpina Farbrezepte

With the matching to Alpina color recipes u turn spaces into a personal well-being home. With little effort you can achieve great effect by colors combined harmoniously and create the desired ambiance.

2012 “Very good” for color recipes

Öko-Test rated the “color recipes” from Alpina and Tim maltsters in hue Brimstone in Issue 03/2102 “very good”.

2013 Alpina developed the paint functions

Wiping and off white, 2in1 White and Ultra Protection Weiss fix problems, prevent recurrence before and ensure a perfect, white paint.

2012 Alpina supports the Global Compact

The DAC of Business Group, at the Alpina heard joins the “Global Compact” of the United Nations, the world’s most recognized values ​​platform for sustainability.

2012 Alpinaweiß with the longest range

When comparing test of the magazine “even the man is” in Issue 1/2012 Alpinaweiß with the grade “good” (2.1) will be evaluated and scored the highest coverage of all nine products tested.

2012 “Very good” for color recipes

Öko-Test rated the “color recipes” from Alpina and Tim maltsters in hue Brimstone in Issue 03/2102 “very good”.

2012 Top Ten Best growth brand

As the only brand from the DIY segment Alpina is incorporated into the German brand ranking “Best Brands” as one of the Top Ten “Best growth brands”.

2012 The best latex paint

Again Alpinaweiß is voted by the readers of the magazine “Handyman practice” as the “Best Product of the Year”, this time with Alpinaweiß SeidenLatex in category “latex paint”.

2012 NaturaWeiß to second place

Stiftung Warentest gives Alpina NaturaWeiß in issue 5/2012 the grade “good” (1.8) – after Alpinaweiß the second best score in the test.

2012 Test victory at Stiftung Warentest

Alpina White is awarded as test winner by Stiftung Warentest in comparison test of 46 dispersion paints in issue 5/12 with an overall score of “good” (1.6).

2012 Alpina again Superbrand

For the fourth consecutive Alpina received the “Superbrands Germany Award”. A Superbrand is a brand that represents the essence of the quality of an entire product range and has a vital role for decades.

2012 Award for Hidden Champion

The DAW Group owner of Alpina is awarded by the television station n-tv for “Hidden Champion” in the category sustainability.

2011 Topnote for NaturaWeiß

Alpina Natura White also is “very good” by Öko-Test in Issue 3/2011 with.

2011 Again “very good” for Alpinaweiß

Öko-Test rated in issue 3/2011 Alpinaweiß again received the highest rating.

2011 Alpina is “Sustainable Manufacturer”

Verbraucher-Initiative e.V.(Consumers Initiative e.V) distinguishes the DAC Group of companies with their brand Alpina as “Sustainable Manufacturer 2011” with the silver medal from. Thus, the initiative aims to facilitate the decision for sustainably designed and environmentally friendly products.

2011 Double victory for our paint

Twice the top grade gets the Alpina 2in1 Premium white paint in the same year: Öko-Test says in Issue 07/2011 “very good” and Stiftung Warentest awards the paint in issue 6/2011 of the “good” (1.7 ) as the winner.

2010 Recipe with renewable materials

The new Alpina Premium-Lasur and the Alpina Holzöl based on renewable raw materials and guarantee with its Alpine-formula at the same time optimum weather protection.

2010 The only triple winner

For the third time receives Alpina the BHB customer service award, the most important industry award. This time wins Alpina in category “Total Marketing”.

2010 Since infected flavor inside

Together with Tim maltsters Alpina developed the “Farbrezepte”, a refreshingly new product line with trendy colors and fascinating creative effects.

2009 The Project Alpenschutz

For the 100th anniversary of brand Alpinaweiß Alpina protects together with the WWF over 7,000 km 2 of endangered nature in the Alps.

2009 Winner of the most important advertising festival in the world

In Cannes Alpina is awarded for an innovative wall calendar with the highest award in the category Design.

2006 One more reason for our no. 1

Alpinaweiß is abrasion resistant.

2003 Pretty patent

Introduction of newly developed and patented by Alpina EasyPaks.

2001 Healthy living is a trend

Alpina Sensan is the first dispersion sense color at the hardware store without preservatives.

1995 Advertising, that leaves traces

Start the new communication with the successful television appearance of white cat.

1994 Pioneer also in packaging

Alpina leads the Ecopack from recycled cardboard, a plastic liner.

1993 Excellent packaging

For the eco-Pack Alpina is awarded the World-Star Award.

1988 Once a pioneer, always a pioneer

Alpina offers first industry Emissions-minimized and solvent-free environment-color paint.

1983 Two landmark decisions

Establishing the Alpinaself Farbenvertriebs GmbH & Co. KG and implementation of an overall program for the DIY market.

1979 Europe’s new leader

Alpinaweiß is the best-selling interior paint in Europe. Complete change of sheet metal on plastic buckets.

1972 Alpina is colorful

Introduction of successful color mixing system Alpinacolor.

1972 A distinctive brand

Introduction of known Alpinaweiß logos.

1965 market leader

The DAC is the largest by revenue emulsion paints manufacturer in Germany.

1936 Birth of modern dispersion technique

The DAC is the first acrylic dispersion instead of oil.

1913 Alpina is soluble in cold water

Start of production of the first cold-water soluble glue powder color Alpinaweiß.

1909 In the beginning there was an innovation

The distemper is entered Alpinaweiß the Imperial Patent Office under the brand name.

1901 distemper

Robert Murjahn begins production of Hot water soluble powder paint (glued Cretaceous).

1895 The beginning of a more than 100-year tradition

In Ober-Ramstadt in the Odenwald the “Deutschen Amphibolin Werke of Robert Murjahn” was established (DAW).