BCF Behavioural-Based Safety Conference


The BCF is holding a safety conference on Tuesday 3rd Octoberat Eastwood Hall Conference Centre, Nottingham. 

The conference will focus on behavioural-based safety and human factors in the paint and ink manufacturing industry. Health and safety management has historically focussed on controlling exposure to hazards (e.g. guarding, personal protective equipment) which resulted in a significant improvement in incident rates. This was followed by the introduction of management systems to ensure that procedures and practices were in place to prevent dangerous scenarios occurring. Having made these changes, there are still incidents that occur. The focus has now moved to human factors and the behaviour of employees.

This BCF conference will be presented by experts in the field and will include presentations and workshops on:

  • Observing and adapting behaviour for safety;
  • Monitoring safety culture in a fast-changing business environment
  • Human factors in incident investigation
  • Designing procedures to promote safety performance. 
  • Developing Safety Leadership

Who should attend – health and safety professionals and those whose job function includes S,H & E but main focus is elsewhere (e.g. operations managers, CEOs).

More details to follow soon.