Becker – a colorful history

From exclusive paint shop into one of the most environmentally friendly paint manufacturers.

Color has fascinated and influenced mankind of all times. We at Becker has encouraged the Swedish people to paint their homes in more than 150 years.

The first color trade
Becker is a Swedish paint company founded in 1865 by the German chemist Wilhelm Becker. He settles in Stockholm and will open a paint store. The business is growing fast and at the turn of the century are several paint shops and even a paint factory. Soon needed larger premises and in 1902 moved to AB Wilhelm Becker Lövholmen in Liljeholmen, which will operate in over a hundred years.

Inspiration big and small
As people’s home Becker developed in the mid 1900s to become one of the largest paint manufacturers. Becker’s is popular with both professional painters and amateurs. Even Carl and Carin Larsson did paint his beautiful and bold color for the time set home Sundborn with Beckers paint.

With the environment in the future
2008, it is no longer practical to remain in the factory when Lövholmen, and Becker builds a new state of the art paint plant in Nykvarn. It is one of Europe’s most environmentally friendly factories. As a further step in Becker’s environmental efforts, we aim to increase the proportion of water-based paints, the goal is that 99% of the range must be waterborne 2010 – a goal that we have achieved. One of the new objectives for 2012 – 2020 is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50%.

Tikkurila Sweden AB
Alcro-Beckers AB changed October 1 name to Tikkurila Sweden AB.

Alcro-Beckers AB has since 2001 been part of the Tikkurila Group, the leading paint manufacturer in Northern and Eastern Europe. For

The decorative part of Tikurila Sweden AB is the market leader in Sweden with a market share of about 40%. The total paint market in Sweden is about 84M liter. For more information

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