Belinka Belles


Belinka Belles is a leading Slovene manufacturer of wood protection and decoration coatings and has been a member of the Helios Group since 2007.

In more than four decades since its formation, Belinka Belles has developed its own technology and set a firm standard for quality. Its wood protection and decoration coatings follow global trends in design and architecture, thus providing a better lifestyle.(ali: a higher standard of living)

By reducing the content of organic solvents and using the safest biocides possible, Belinka Belles is removing the negative aspects of such coatings on health and the environment, thereby expressing its concern for customers.

Belinka Belles obtained a certificate for its products that proves their quality, efficiency and ecological acceptability.

All business procedures are governed by standards of quality conforming to ISO 9001, while its system of handling the environment complies with ISO 14001 and certificate POR.

Belinka Belles, d.o.o.
Ljubljana, Zasavska cesta 95
1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče
Phone: +386 (0)1 588 62 99
Fax: +386 (0)1 588 63 03