Brillux ..more than paint

Brillux is a manufacturer and direct supplier offering a complete range of paints and varnishes. The complete range encompasses more than 12,000 articles. All our products and systems are perfectly tailored to one another so that Brillux has the right solution for every painting, decorating and plastering task. The Brillux name is synonymous with top quality. For us a product can be perfect only if, besides meeting our customers’ high requirements, it is also environmentally friendly.

Competence in paint since 1889

The claim ..more than paint has a long tradition. The paint specialist Hobrecker & König was founded in Muenster in 1889. Its business concept was new for the time. Besides first class products, the company also offered its customers professional advice, customer care and comprehensive service. Hobrecker & König became Brillux. The company’s focus on its customers continues to this day.

Hobrecker & König

The company known today as Brillux was originally founded as Hobrecker & König. The company has been called Brillux since 1984.

Brillux is now in its fourth generation of independent ownership by the König family. The company’s headquarters is in Muenster, Germany.

Brillux development milestones

Year Event
1889 Hobrecker & König established
1948 The company began its own production
1967 The company acquired its current premises at Weseler Strasse in Muenster
1968 Production of dispersion paints began
1972 Production of varnishes began
1974 Takeover of J. D. Flügger, Hamburg (established 1783)
1989 Brillux celebrated its centenary
1999 Inauguration of Goods Distribution Center
2004 The new Brillux Customer Center and Painters´ Market established at Muenster headquarters
2007 Inauguration of new Research and Development Center
2008 Inauguration of Extended Goods Distribution Center
2009 Building work begins on the new Brillux head office