C.P. ITALIA s.p.a


The company C. P. ITALIA makes paints, varnishes, enamels, solvents. Using our items, you can color the walls of your home, paint on wood, iron, plastics and varnish small parts of your car as well.

The C. P. ITALIA produces – in its plants of Bari – paints for the do-it-yourself designed to obtain perfect results in a very short time.

The C. P. ITALIA S. p. A., with a full paid up company’s capital of 5,500,000,000 Italian lira, is a production reality relevant at national level. It produces solvents, varnishes, enamels, water-polishers, coatings and it also produces concentrated dyes and converters for the personalized Mixer System “Briosystem” for the housing industry.

Founded in 1976, the C. P. ITALIA began its production activity in 1981; at present it has an output of 7 million liter paints per year and has become one of the largest and most important paint-factories in Southern Italy.

The firm covers a surface of 20,000 sum. – of which 8,000 roofed – located in the industrial area of Bari. Our production program is comprehensive and innovative and able to meet all the market requirements thanks to advanced technologies and modern plants used in the production process.

The C. P. ITALIA’ s market extends over the whole Italian territory for both the retail line and for the new Large-Scale Retail Trade line. The company exports to the countries of the Mediterranean basin, to Europe in general and to the most advanced markets of Western Europe. Our chemists’ and technicians’ professionalism and expertise, supported by up-to-date information systems, allow to make high quality paints.
The C. P. ITALIA has an up-to-date chemical laboratory able to carry out the approval tests and the careful analyses on both raw materials and finished products. Our marketing office enables us to develop newer and newer ideas so as to meet all the market requirements of both the retail and the industry sale fields.