Celanese Presents Cutting-edge Pharmaceutical Copolymer at 2016 AAPS Annual Meeting and Expo


Poster presentation demonstrates advantages of EVA in controlled
release drug delivery

Celanese Corporation (NYSE: CE), a global technology and specialty
materials company, will present its EVA pharmaceutical material
solutions at the 2016
AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition
November 13-17 at the Colorado
Convention Center in Denver. Celanese will exhibit its pharmaceutical
controlled release copolymer, VitalDose® ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA),
at booth 1604.

Celanese material experts will discuss the latest developments in
pharmaceutical material science and how EVA is being used in new drug
delivery innovations. VitalDose® EVA controlled release excipients
deliver reliable performance with customizable release properties that
are compatible with many active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

When formulating thermally sensitive APIs with excipients in the hot
melt extrusion process, one of the major challenges is to make sure the
APIs do not go through any thermal degradation. This will not only
provide cost savings but also ensure the chemical integrity of the APIs
during processing. Due to their intrinsic low melting points, broad
melting ranges, and sheer thinning characteristics, EVA excipients
provide outstanding low temperature processability along with their
excellent controlled release properties and biocompatibility.

To help formulation scientists understand the processability temperature
ranges of EVA excipients, Celanese has conducted experiments to show the
minimum compounding temperatures of EVA excipients with vinyl acetate
contents ranging from 9% to 40%. At AAPS, Celanese will demonstrate
experiments of a tunable controlled release of Niacin with EVA
excipients prepared by a low temperature hot melt extrusion process. The
information provided with this original research will help formulation
scientists better address the challenges in formulating thermally
sensitive drugs by using EVA excipients.

Celanese will be presenting a poster session at the 2016 AAPS Annual
Meeting and Exposition highlighting EVA’s processing advantages for drug

Celanese Poster Presentation:

Presenter:       Dirk Hair, Technology & Innovation Manager – Product Development
Title: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Excipients: Low Temperatures
Extrusion Processability and Controlled Release
Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Poster#: 19T0100

“The unique properties of EVA controlled release excipients allow for
customizable delivery rates that are expanding pharmaceutical
possibilities,” said Susan Rahe, global business director of the
Celanese EVA polymers business. “VitalDose® EVA offers flexible delivery
systems and process versatility backed by high-touch technical expertise
to assist from project conception through design and regulatory

For more information about Celanese’s controlled release pharmaceutical
EVA polymer, VitalDose® EVA, please visit http://healthcare.celanese.com/.

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