The company Chromos Svjetlost is located in Luzani, a village near Slavonski Brod.


Over 100 years of tradition in paint manufacturing and an ideal location with excellent transportation connections through the highly-developed road and railway infrastructure have proven to be excellent foundations for the operation and development of our company.


Our continuous noteworthy business growth began in mid-1990’s. Exceptional product quality and a good retail network helped our company become the Croatian market leader in paint and varnish production.


Constant work on maintenance and development of these two business segments helped us improve our business results year after year. Our machine tinting system guarantees quality competitive both in domestic and the international markets.


Major investments in product development and improvement of existing products have resulted in a wide array of new products which compete against some of the biggest paint and varnish manufacturers on our market.


The quality of our products has been also been recognized in demanding foreign markets, and our exports are on the rise. Skilled employees and a top-of-the-line development centre enable us to look towards the future with certainty.


Following Croatia’s accession to the EU, we have successfully extended our market to other member states.


Company history

1920 – Paint factory founded in Ratkovica, ceases operation in 1928.

1933 – Dry wall paint factory Bojana opens in Ciglenik

1947 – „Bojana transformed into a production facility of the Luzani Agricultural Cooperative

1956 – The company Svjetlost Luzani is founded.

1959 – Product line expanded, company renamed to Svjetlost Chemical Industry.

1977 – The company becomes a subsidiary of Chromos Chemical Plant, renamed to Chromos Svjetlost

2000 – Introduction of new eco-friendly products in the Aqualux line

2005 – Product line expanded to include renders

2010 – Product line expanded to include industrial products