Hicks & Weatherburn


When William Hicks acquired Miers & Co in 1881 from Elizabeth Miers, the company already had a 140 year trading history. He renamed it Hicks & Weatherburn Paint, Color and Varnish Manufacturers. 135 years later it is now the oldest manufacturing company in Leeds.

We manufacture our own products at our Yorkshire base and one of our main strengths is our flexibility to meet customers requests.

Whether your requirement is for 5 litres or 500 litres in any colour or any finish, we will endeavour to meet your needs.

All our paints are manufactured to meet strict EU Environmental standards.

Our Paints

We manufacture all the types of paint you would need to decorate your house.

  • Dead flat matt
  • Silk – a delicate sheen
  • Extra durable, flat matt for high traffic areas (hallways, stairs)
  • Extra durable, mid sheen paint especially recommended for kitchens & bathrooms
  • Quick Drying, acrylic primer & undercoat for woodwork
  • Quick drying, acrylic Eggshell & Satin topcoats for woodwork. These exhibit excellent flow & levelling and adhesion to previously painted surfaces.
  • Exterior masonry paints
  • Traditional oil based undercoat, gloss, satin & eggshell finishes for interior woodwork. These are based on bio-renewable castor oil resins.

Our Environmental Policy

We don’t add any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds – solvents) to our water based paints. They conform to Category A/a which specifies a maximum level of 30 grams VOC per litre of paint.

We only use polymeric binders in the paint we make from a European supplier and they comply with the strict EU limits on levels of residual monomers in their products.

Finally our factory produces absolutely minimal amounts of waste. Any wastewater is recycled (as are solvents) with nothing discharged into the main sewer; all the packaging (paper,plastic & cardboard) is recycled; empty containers are recycled (plastic & metal). We strive to continually upgrade the performance of our products through raw material selection and independent testing of our paints.

Hicks & Weatherburn