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Since our incorporation in 1930 HMG Paints has been a family business. Generations of families have worked through the business and grown up together passing on their knowledge, expertise and passion to future generations. Whilst of course excellent paints and surface coatings are the lifeblood of our success, we believe that there is much more to it than that.

We believe that business based on trust, decency and exceptional service forms long term partnerships and friendships that last. In the early years this was how we grew our business from a tiny room with only three people and a vision, to become the UK’s largest independent paint manufacturer with outlets across the UK and world.

HMG Paints Historical Image

As we’ve grown we have never forgotten our roots and the emphasis on working alongside our customers to create the very best individual service and tailored solutions for them. Whether our paint is used on a car or coach, an aircraft or a boat, a kitchen door or a doll’s house, to us it is above all ‘our paint’ and we are exceptionally proud of it.

With that pride, comes a responsibility and a genuine care of the products we make. HMG have a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise with a portfolio including wet paint, powder coatings and aerosols covering virtually every type of surface imaginable. Backed by our extensive experience in developing pioneering coatings for a myriad of industries including; industrial, specialist industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle, defence, aerospace, wood finish, arts & craft, marine and rail, we have a drive to set the standards for the industry not just meet them.

It’s impossible to tell you absolutely everything about us in a small space. However see our accreditations and careers pages for more information about working with HMG.

Mission Statement

“To supply coatings that protect and enhance. Bought by customers who want to use it, produced by staff that want to make it and doing so in a sustainable, innovative and fair manner”

HMG Facts and Stats

A few facts and stats about HMG Paints

HMG Paints Manchester

1 The UK’s Largest Independent Paint Manufacturer

UK Paint Manufacturer HMG Paints

3,000,000+ Litres of paint produced in a year.

HMG Paints Colour Archive largest paint archive in UK

200,000+ Colours in our colour library and archive.

HMG Paints Deliveries

2,000,000 Miles of deliveries made in a year.

Second Generation Families

Second generation families working at HMG Paints

Three Generation of Families

Third & Fourth generation families working at HMG Paints

HMG Paints Family

40% Of staff have at least one family member in the business.

HMG Paints Apprentice Culture

16 Apprentices currently working at HMG.

“We have survived – prospered is maybe a better word – because we provide quality products. But more than that it’s because this company is its people. We are bound together with a common purpose.”

– John Falder – Managing

Address details below.

HMG Paints, Riverside Works,
Collyhurst Road, Collyhurst, Manchester
M40 7RU UK
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