SPECTRACRON® ADVANTEDGE™ HPP primer is a patented polyurethane primer for use in heavy-duty equipment, general finishing and transportation applications. The new primer provides extended overall corrosion protection, better performance on sharp laser-cut edges, and superior chip resistance compared to traditional two-component epoxy primers.

Because it incorporates proprietary resin and anticorrosion pigments and is formulated with no heavy metals, Spectracron AdvantEdge HPP primer offers customers a more sustainable solution for achieving superior corrosion resistance and sharp-edge performance. The new primer also offers compatibility with common hardeners, shorter wet-on-wet application time and a wide application window to help increase process efficiency.

Along with delivering excellent corrosion protection over steel and ferrous substrates, Spectracron AdvantEdge HPP primer is compatible with a wide array of pretreatment products and regimens. This is important to customers who use pretreated metals from third-party suppliers because Spectracron AdvantEdge HPP primer can help them make metal parts that are more uniform prior to finishing even when the quality and type of pretreatment varies.