Privacy Policy

1. Personal data

1.1 Personal information you provide to us and we collect

When you use Archicoat Online Services we may receive or collect personal information about you.

Personal information you provide to us:
Indeed, by using Archicoat Online Services you may provide to us voluntary registration information such as your email address.

In particular, when you sign up to Archicoat Community which enables you to receive a newsletter according to your own choice, you provide your email address. Or, you may provide your e-mail address to participate in our interactive programmes.

Besides, when you use Archicoat applications you may agree to give us geolocation data in order to benefit from the functioning of a News map.

Personal information we collect:
In addition, we collect, by default, standard data such as your IP address or additional data like anonymous labels, through labels and information provided by OS in order to understand how Archicoat Online Services are being used or to benefit from push notification.

1.2 How we use your personal information

We use your personal information notably to:

  • allow you to benefit from Archicoat Online Services;
  • ensure an easier browsing on our website;
  • provide you target ad serving services (for further information referred to our cookie policy);
  • send push notifications on your Archicoat apps;
  • enable operation of our analysis tool. Indeed, this analysis tool enables us to measure and analyze information with regard to your use of our Archicoat Online Services. We can then put this information in favor of a better efficiency of our Archicoat Online Services and accordingly increase the quality of our services.

1.3 The measures to protect your personal information

We will keep your information confidential except when disclosure is required by law or for technical purposes.

Indeed, your personal information can be transmitted to suppliers of technology and services to ensure the optimum operation of Archicoat Online Services. For example, this is effectively the case when you share an article via a third-party application like Facebook or Twitter.

We hold your personal information for as long it appears necessary to ensure effective operation of our Archicoat Online Services.

Archicoat only processes your personal data for the purposes described below, it does not divulge them for other purposes.
Our main objective is to collect and use only the information we believe is necessary for the performance of Archicoat Online Services in order to better understand your interests and improve your experience of using our website.

1.4 Legal framework: right of access, modification and suppression

The applicable legal framework is the European and the French framework, whatever the country you reside in.

In the European Union, the processing of personal data is governed by directive No 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995. Said directive underlines the legislation of the countries of European Union.

For France, the applicable law is Data Protection and Freedom of Information Law (Loi Informatique et Liberté) of 6 January 1978. Pursusant to the French Law, you have a right to access and rectify, modify and delete your personal data.

You can exercise this right by contacting us to the following address:

In addition, if you have any questions or comments on our Privacy Policy, you may contact us by sending an email to Privacy Policy. 

For your information, Privacy Policy will be translated soon  in other languages of Archicoat portal.

2. Content that you send to us

2.1 On our various linear and non-linear platforms, you may be asked to participate by sending (by various means) content that you wish to share with us, such as a video, photo or text (hereinafter referred to as the “Content”) so that it can be used by the Archicoat portal (hereinafter referred to as the “ARCHICOAT”).

2.2 You declare and guarantee that you have (and will continue to have during use by the Archicoat) all of the rights, licences, approvals and authorisations required to allow Archicoat to use your Content in order to offer their services, and more generally under the conditions specified by the present Terms. Consequently, you must not share videos that you have not created, or use content in your videos that is protected by copyright, such as music, extracts from protected programmes or videos created by third parties, if you do not have the required authorisations.

2.3 You undertake not to submit to Archicoat any Content for which the rights are held by third parties (including the right of ownership, right to privacy, and right of personal portrayal) unless you have obtained from the third party concerned formal authorisation to distribute the data concerned and grant to the Media the rights specified in Article 2.2 above.

2.4 You retain all of the intellectual property rights for your Content, but you must grant limited rights to Archicoat. When you submit Content to Archicoat , you grant us a non-exclusive right, that is transferable (including the right to sublicense), free of charge, for the whole world and throughout the duration of the copyright protection, to use, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works, represent and perform the Content in connection with Archicoat activity, and in particular for the promotion and redistribution of all or part of the service (and of the resulting derivative works) without limitation, in all formats, on all media and via all media channels;

2.5 In this connection you may be required to give us your personal data such as your photograph and first name/surname. You expressly authorise us to reproduce them in context with the Content sent.