RELIUS Farbenwerke GmbH


RELIUS Farbenwerke GmbH a company of PROSOL Group

RELIUS is a leading European manufacturer of architectural paints and industrial coatings.
By working in Memmingen the RELIUS FarbenWerke GmbH an independent unit within the PROSOL group.

The distribution of craft and trade customers in Germany and Austria is carried out on the present 62 distribution companies PROSOL Group

When PROSOL Lacke + Farben GmbH and the RELIUS Lacke + Farben GmbH You get with the brand program RELIUS also many other well-known brands and products – a real full range for the painter crafts.

The other European countries are jointly supervised by RELIUS Export team and partners and importers spot.

The PROSOL Group employs approximately 800 employees throughout Europe, at the production site Memmingen approximately 120 employees.

The history of RELIUS

The history of RELIUS - Flags

The history of RELIUS

1883 establishing the BÜFA by Ludwig Büsing and Friedrich Fasch

1892 Foundation of the company BAEUERLE by Emil Baeuerle

1984 majority shares in the company BÜFA BAEUERLE

1992 BÜFA Paints and varnishes buys Hoeka BV (now: RELIUS Nederland BV) in the Netherlands (plasters and dispersions).
Fusion of BÜFA paints and varnishes and BAEUERLE Farben corporate for today’s RELIUS COATINGS

1993 SKW Trostberg AG (later Degussa AG) buys RELIUS COATINGS (as a group)

1996 RELIUS COATINGS gets French color wholesale in Alsace and founded RELIUS France SAS

2001 Following the merger of SKW Trostberg and Degussa sleeve for Degussa AG in 2001 a worldwide reorganization of all divisions and business units took place. All European color activities were bundled in the Business Line “Coatings & Facades” with the headquarters in Oldenburg.

2006 BASF AG buys the construction chemicals business of Degussa. The RELIUS Group is by resolution of the Board on December 15, part of BASF’s Coatings Division in Münster.

2012  PROSOL Lacke + Farben GmbH assumes the RELIUS Coatings GmbH & Co. KG the architectural paints division of BASF. The RELIUS Coatings is transferred to a production operation of PROSOL group “RELIUS Farben Werke GmbH” and in a sales company RELIUS Lacke + Farben GmbH.

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